Coal Mining in Mozambique

Since beginning of civilization, man has been continuously involved in finding new metals, stones, ceramics and various other useful materials necessary of living. This process or activity of locating new geographical locations and digging the earth’s surface for finding useful commodities is defined as mining.  Today, in present times mining activity has been hugely commercialized with introduction of new mining techniques, mining methods and mining procedures. The mining industry has become dramatically more efficient and prosperous with rise of new technological developments within the industry. Zillion of jobs are generated every year through this economic activity.

What is coal mining?

The mining sector is a mammoth industry largely dominated by coal mining. The main objective of coal mining is to economically remove coal from the surface of the earth. Considered as the most fruitful economic mineral, coal is regarded as the most valued energy source. Coal mining processes are differentiated by whether they operate on the surface or underground and the choice depends on various factors including density of the surface and thickness of the coal seam. They are broadly classified as

  • Surface Coal Mining
  • Underground Coal Mining

In recent years, coal mining activity has mushroomed like never before. Commercially 7,036 Mt/yr of coal is mined in over 50 countries from all over the world. Technological advancements have made coal mining procedures more productive then ever before.         

Mozambique – A natatorium of Coal Mines
Mozambique is the world’s 35th largest country located on the southeast coast of Africa. The word Mozambique is derived from Mossa Al Bique, an Arab businessman who first visited the island of Mozambique and later stayed there. The country largely comprises of many topographical regions rich in coal mines as a result of which the country has become a favourite hot spot of various mining companies. Coal found here is pure and is free of any impurities. No surprise, Mozambique is also called “natatorium of Coal Mines”.  It is fast becoming a region of global significance for the coal sector. Various coal majors are now keen on entering into strategic partnership with coal mining companies having technical expertise in mining and exploring coal mines in Mozambique. As a matter of fact, Mozambique stands as Africa’s second largest coal producer behind South Africa which holds Africa’s major coal reserves. Various coal projects have come up that are planned for the development of the region as a part of coal mining in Mozambique. Today coal mining exploration is the cornerstone industry of Mozambique and is the major contributor of the country’s economy.      

Scope of coal mining in Mozambique

  • Mozambique coal mines are distributed all over the country including Moatize, Mucanha and Vuzi coal basins in the Tete province. The basin is said to contain as much as 4000 Mt coal reserves.
  • Mozambican government has signed deals with various coal mining companies under which these companies will undertake coal mining and exploration and locate coal mines in various parts of the country.
  • The authority has also undertaken various industrial, developmental and infrastructure projects for various coal mining projects in Tete province of Mozambique.
  • An estimated amount of 2.4 billion tones of coal reserves in Tete province of Mozambique makes it a region with world's largest untapped coal reserves.
  • Several Mining majors have already secured their legal mining rights for coal exploration in Mozambique that roughly amounts to over 3 billion tones.

Rachana Global Excavation Ltd. is the leading coal mining company and a future potential source of coal mining exploration. The company is well equipped with latest and advanced state-of-the-art facility for finding new coal mine reserves in various parts of the world. It has acquired legal rights and license for coal mining in Mozambique, Moatize - Minjova basin and Zambezi basin around Tete. The organization has laid ardent plans to become a dominant player of the mining industry.      

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