Detergent and Soap Manufacturing

Soap like material found during the excavation of ancient Babylon proves the fact that soaps and detergents were known earlier too. However, soap was only used medicinally at that time. Since then, detergent and soap products have been an integral part of mankind. The industry is capital intensive and employees huge manpower. Rachna Lab Chem Pvt. Ltd., an associate group company of Rachana Global Excavation Ltd. has laid aggressive plans to manufacture wide range of products including detergent cakes, bathing soap, detergent powder, cleaning powder, dish washing liquid, shaving cream and many such products.

Detergent Products

Detergent manufacturing is a complex process that involves various other processes. The actual production process varies from company to company and manufacturer to manufacturer. Detergent products include detergent cakes, detergent powder and cleaning powder. These are either in solid or powdered form used as customized products for commercial purposes. Detergent industry accounts for half of the industry revenue.

Soap Products

Soap products are water soluble active ingredients that comprises of wide range of packaging and processing operations. Traditional soaps are made from fatty acids, kernel oils, and inorganic water soluble bases. Industrial soap products include bathing soap, toilet soap, dish washing soaps and many such products. Commercial applications of various soap products include cleaning of industrial products, industrial machines and various other products.

Liquid Products

This category of products include dish washing liquid, petroleum jelly, shaving creams, shampoos and washing liquids. These personal care products are non toxic, skin friendly, reliable and offer optimum performance. They are typically manufactured using high grade raw materials thereby ensuring safety and hygiene for the users. These products use natural ingredients or recycled products for its packaging.   

Rachana Global Excavation Ltd was established by Manoj Sompura long ago in 1996. The company provides mining services including coal mining, iron ore mining, tantalum mining, gold mining, titanium mining and fluorite mining. The company has been constantly involved in natural resources mining and exploration in countries throughout the world. Mr. Manoj Sompura has always been a brute force for his team mates. His passion for natural resources exploration and mining has driven him to achieve success in this field. Continuing with their expansion plans, Rachana Group has now entered in the health and hygiene industry through their associate company Rachna Lab Chem, an ISO 9001-2008 Company. The group has laid avid plans for marketing and manufacturing of detergent and soap products. Our state-of-the-art plant at Patan is fully equipped with all latest technological developments. Few of our products have already made their mark in Indian health and hygiene industry.

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