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Exploration & Mining

The Strength and power come natural to Rachana on account of the long association with natural resources and their exploration. it doesn't come as a surprise when even before the world could think of it, we sense the growth potential and mine it up to our benefit.

After Opening avenues in Mozambique in 2003, and realizing the growth potential there, Rachana Global LDA was formed that gave a big turning point to the success of the Group. Through this flagship company, RGL Moz,

• Auto Gas Conversion occurred in Mozambique for the first time
• Prospecting licenses were acquired for various minerals such Coal, Gold, Iron Ore, Copper, Tantalum, Titanium, Fluorite, Limestone, Semi Precious Stones, etc.
• Mining Services to other mine owner are provided

And today Rachana has prospecting and exploration Licenses for various natural resources such as Thermal Coal, Coking Coal, Bauxite, Iron Ore etc, in various countries such as Mozambique, Colombia, Zambia, Congo and Indonesia. The value of its extractible reserves can conservatively be placed at US$ 2 billion.

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