Mining Technology

Thousands of years back since the birth of first human on earth, knowingly or unknowingly man has been continuously involved in the process of research, development and new inventions on day to day basis. In this process of development man realized the need of important minerals used by him in his day to day activities. This gave birth to a whole new technology of extracting commercially useful minerals form the surface of the earth that later on became a money making business. This advanced technology is called mining technology.

What is Mining?
Minerals have played a crucial part in proper development of human beings. Mining in general terms is the extraction of these minerals, ores, metals and many such useful materials including coal, iron ore concentrates, tantalum mineral and various such minerals form the surface of the earth through various tools and techniques. Rich deposits of mines have been found around the world. With latest technological developments and advanced engineering, mineral mining technology has come a long way. Experienced scientists, geologists, mining engineers and technologists from all over the world are continuously involved in the complex mining procedure. Mining of minerals is on an all time high to meet the recent spurt in the demand of various minerals.

Mineral Mining
Different minerals have different applications based on their physical and chemical properties. Based on the requirements, various mining companies from all over the world have been involved in mining of various minerals. Different types of mining include coal mining, iron ore mining, tantalum mining, gold mining and mining of various such minerals. These minerals and metals are very useful commodities and are key components of various commercial applications. Titanium mining is carried on a large scale for production of titanium mineral used in heaters, chillers, artificial gemstones and coating of glass.

Types of Mining
Mining technology is basically classified as:

a) Surface Mining
Surface mining also known as open cast mining includes mining of minerals lying on the surface of the earth or very near to the upper surface. This type of mining requires less use of men and material as the minerals are readily available on the earth surface. On some occasions the method is used only to reach the underlying mineral by stripping off the upper surface.

b) Underground Mining
Underground mining refers to the mining of minerals present deep in the earth. It includes various mining techniques used for extraction of minerals including copper, gold, titanium and many such minerals. This type of technique is quite costly as the machines involved in the process are huge and the man power required is comparatively much more.

Mining Industry
Mining exists in countries all over the world including India, Africa, Canada Australia, US and many more. Modern mining industry includes large mineral mining companies investing huge capital for their inception. Mining industry includes coal mining industry, titanium mining industry, gold mining industry, iron ore mining industry, fluorite industry and many such industries. Significantly, the mining industry is highly efficient, and adds more value to GDP of the country than any other industry. With its high growth rate, it can be easily concluded that the mining industry will always remain the vital part of world’s economy.

Mining and mining techniques will always remain man’s most useful invention of all times as long as the activity is carried with proper planning.

Rachana Global Excavation Ltd., India is a leading mining company offering wide range of mining and exploration services including Coal mining, Gold mining, Titanium mining, Fluorite mining, Iron ore mining and Tantalum mining. The company is well equipped with state-of-the-art facility for finding new avenues for minerals mining in various parts of the world. It has acquired licenses for mining and exploration in various parts of Africa including Mozambique, Colombia and Zambia.

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