Tantalum Mining in Mozambique

Tantalum previously known as tantalium is a hard grayish-blue lustrous transition metal recovered from ore minerals such as columbite and tantalite. The metallic powder of tantalum is widely used in production of electronic components including resistors, capacitors and also in production of watches. Often associated geologically, but with different end-users, tantalum production has been hampered over past years. Tantalum is found in nature in various forms including tantalum carbide, tantalum alloys and many other forms.

What is Tantalum Mining?
Tantalum mining is the economic activity of fruitfully extracting tantalum from the surface of the earth. Unlike other minerals, tantalum ore once mined needs to be processed before it can be used for various applications. Till date, tantalum minerals with over 70 different chemical compositions have been mined and identified. Tantalum mining and exploration is carried in various countries including US, Africa and Australia. Tantalum production from these regions is carried on a large scale for economic production of tantalum.

Mozambique: Country Overview
Mozambique, officially “the republic of Mozambique” is a country in south east Africa. The country is 35th largest country in the world divided in two topographical regions separated by Zambezi river. The demographics of the country is suitable for mineral mining. Large mineral mines are found in various regions of Mozambique as a result of which the country has become a hot spot for various mineral mining companies. Mozambique’s blistering economic growth has been a topic of discussion at many international and national stages.

Tantalum Mining Industry in Mozambique
Tantalum mining in Mozambique is carried on a large scale in various parts of Mozambique including Zambezi province. The region is characterized by pegmatite and quartz veins in metamorphic rocks. Today, titanium mining and exploration in Mozambique generally takes place in the weathered saprolitic zone where mining can be easily done. Till date more then 10 million tones of Tantalum in mined including Ta2O5. Generally life of a tantalum mine is 12 years. Mozambique is all set to position itself as world’s top Tantalum producer comprising of highest number of tantalum mines.

Development potential of Tantalum Mining Industry in Mozambique
Mozambique has shown tremendous development and the country has all the potential to be the world leader in Tantalum mining industry

  • Favourable demographics and geographical location of Mozambique helps tantalum mining companies to extract tantalum with ease and relatively at low cost.
  • Companies have signed contracts for tantalum mining in Zambezi province of Mozambique. Mining majors are also coming up to explore the mining areas of Mozambique.
  • Researchers, scientists, tantalum technologists and engineers from all over the world are continuously involved in finding new areas for tantalum mining in Mozambique.
  • Mozambican government has also introduced various infrastructure policies for development of tantalum mining industry in Mozambique.
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